Stick Up Cam erroneous "no connection, no battery" message

I have (3) wireless Stick Up cams at my vacation home, a few states away. One of them began malfunctioning about 1 week ago: (1) erroneously says “no internet connection” while it’s on my network, with the status “offline” on my router, and (2) says battery at 0% which is wrong. My service has been dropping for hours to days at a time.

The camera is the problem, not the internet service or the battery. It’s malfunctioning.

I spoke to Ring Customer support, and in order to get a replacement cam, I must contact them at a later date to troubleshoot-- I must be present at the camera location. (The Ring Customer support could see that 1 of my 3 cameras was offline. )

This delayed “support” means I won’t have visual security protection until I’m present at the camera site to do this procedure, then will have to wait again to receive the replacement. That is poor customer service . RING sent me a dud camera, and should take responsibility and do everything to expedite its replacement, to minimize my interruption in protection, while I still pay Ring subscription fees for this dud!

I would like Ring to send a replacement camera now so I can install immediately when I am at my vacation home, and will send back the dud camera. Is that too much to ask?

Hi @Npincus. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine what the issue is with the camera if you, or someone you know, is not able to troubleshoot the device. If there are other factors contributing to the camera falling offline, we need to address those before a replacement can be issued. It wouldn’t be helpful to send you a new camera and then have that camera encounter the same issues as the other one because we didn’t identify the root cause. With that being said, out support team is the only one who can issue a replacement if deemed necessary. When you are able to troubleshoot your device, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.