stick up cam enclosure

Hi. My paranoid son bought the Ring stick up cam for external use & it has to be mounted under the eave on the brick work close to the eaves. It will be reachable. Do you have a metal enclosure for this unit so it can’t be stolen or the data cable cut thus disabling the camera? Thanks.

Hi there, @dogsbreath! Ring devices will often feature a secure mount and hardware that makes it difficult for non-owners to tamper with. We understand theft can still occur, thus our Theft Policy can help in the event that someone steals or vandalizes your Ring device. If you are wanting to protect this device further, we’ve seen neighbors share solutions such as outdoor electrical boxes or diy coverings. Before doing so, feel free to share any ideas with or check around the Community to see if other neighbors might have a solution to share with you. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: