Stick Up Cam Elite vs Stick Up Cam Wired 2nd Generation

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Great question @PAStock! The Cams are identical in operation. The new Stick Up Cam Elite was rolled out to provide a simple, bundled solution for our neighbors who want a Power over Ethernet solution for their camera. If you currently have the Stick Up Cam Wired on PoE and you’re satisfied with the results, there’s nothing further you need to do. If you’d like to expand your in-home security with additional PoE cameras, we recommend you consider the Stick Up Cam Elite.

Actually you might want to look at this community page. I also called ring sales and tech support. Still waiting back for an answer to this question. I guess no one at Ring seems to know the answer.

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So is it possible that the new “elite” cam is being rolled out for those that do not wish to purchase a PoE switch ? With the engineering and moreso marketing not realizing that “many” of us who are installing cams for security understand the technical aspects of the difference. This new cam should not be labelled as “second gen” but rather a direction for those that do not have a PoE switch or understand the technology. Not calling anyone out, but it would stand to reason that Ring is trying to make it easy for some not to have to worry about what PoE is or having additional cables for power, while ruining the experience for those that have a good handle on the technology. Keep the old stick up cam as is and add a new cam cal the stick up PoE or whatever and then improvide video to 4k, voice to stereo and allow integration with other systems.


Just to let everyone know that the POE cams are still available without the need to purchase the second gen camera. I finally after several tries got to speak to a supervisor. Fantastic knowledge by the way and researched it for me and got back to me. You can still purchase the 1st gen cams. The second gen is just for those users who do know have networking knowledge. Cams are the same, same resolutions, same speeds, just $100 more for a built in POE switch to be able to connect to any network. I would have thought the information would be posted to this tread since I told multiple techs about the questions we had but if you want to know more information please contact Ring. I am purchasing more 1st gen cameras along with a larger POE switch to support the new additions to my ring family. Thank you Ring for having a great management support team!

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This is one of the most confusing topics with Ring. Support just told me the Stick Up Wired 2nd Generation for $99 does accept PoE directly if you have PoE already on your network. I’m still not sure what the Elite gives you. Even if you don’t have PoE on your existing network, it would be cheaper to buy their $29 adapter.

I think I may need to correct some of the information I was expanding on earlier, as I did not realize that the “original stickup cam” was still available (which is such a relief). the introduction of a PoE injector can be a pretty expensive proposition if you are looking at more than 4 cams, whereas a 12 port PoE switch would be about the same cost or just a little more to add to your network. By adding the PoE switch you get all the control of these devices (at least from a data perspective) to monitor flow and congestion. With the injector’s you just get power added, but nothing else. I don’t see any white papers on these injector’s so I don’t know if there is any ability to manage them via the connected network.

I don’t see the Stick Up Cam Wired being sold anymore.

Exactly to my point!!! Although I believe “They say” they are still available, question is “Where”?


I will share my story about the cams. I bought 4 of them to start replacing older cams and was told they would be around for a while since I was going to be replacing about 11 cams. I would start replacing the other cams when I bought a new router and the proper POE switches. Put up the 4 which are great. Then I went online to order a few more since I had to pull out old wire and push in new ones. I could not find them from a link that was sent to me by Ring Customer Service. I also told them about this tread that someone should go on here and let customers know what is going on with the cam. I see that never happened. When I called and it took three or four calls and finally had to get nasty I found out the real story. The stick up cams used to be about $150 or so. There was a decision since most people do not know what POE is or what to buy so Ring decided to stop offering the cam with the two options of mini usb and eithernet POE. So they added a cam called Second Generation POE. It is the same cam without the mini usb and now includes less hardwear than the original stick up cam. But it does include a POE switch. Just a one plug deal. Stupid move I told several at Ring. Why would I want to install POE cams with an electrical adapter for each cam when I know what POE is and what it saves in installations. It was a corporate decision. So, if you want to add additional POE cams you have to buy the second gen cam for $100 more. It is the same cam, same functions, same design without the mini usb. I have 10 of these with my many other Ring devices. Sad story to have to share to the Ring community but sounds like corporate greed is taking one of my favorite companies because they are not listening to their long term customers who have been there since the beginning. I love my Ring products! Please know I do. So, I had to make sure I bought everything I need in case they jack the price up even more and move a different direction. It has been an experience to learn about POE cams but since I found this option. I am not going back to worrying about WiFi through walls or cams not working after I put up hurricane shutters. And yes, I have an awesome new wireless router, best they make and still have WiFi issues. POE is fantastic, no issues since it is wired, pain in the tail to get the equipment you need but once you learn how it works. FANTASTIC. I can tell you all of my Ring cams are working fantastic and the POE is FAR better than any of my WiFi ones, including my doorbell. I am not a professional installer and do not work for Ring but they still have my vote and really worked with me to keep me as a happy customer.

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Thanks for the info. I suspected as much. I was surprised they actually changed the design to remove the USB power option. Did I read that right?

i though it was a repackage. I have two of these , a Ring Doorbell 2, Ring Doorbell Pro, and two V1 stickup cams with solar panels.
I do like that they added some inexpensive indoor cams. Maybe I will move the two PoE devices outside and get two $60 in door ones to replace them.

Hate the white.

Well I don’t know if it’s about Corp greed or not, but I can say for a fact that it’s a huge technology FOPAH move. They (Amazon/Ring) probably figured out that incorporating a PoE options (calling it that) to replace the native PoE capability would in some way generate additional technology advancement recognized by the community as well as financially. But I bet you more than anything they took into account the anger it would generate for those of us savvy computer nerds. I’ve seen this done by companies before and as I have in the past, even though I’ve invested in the ring technology, I’m looking for the next solution that will offer the original design with greater flexibility. I mean, think about this, as IoT became the flow for many of these tech giants, they all quickly learned that being compatible or Works With their competitor potentially ment reduced revenue for them because they could not monopolize certain features, so Ring does not work with Google or some of the others. How disappointing that now they are taking the route to frustrate their customer’s even more with this direction.

Sorry ring, I don’t want your PoE solution, I’d like a cam that connects via Cat5/6 I can decide for myself to connect to a PoE switch. You loose!!!

Just so everyone knows you can hook up the original stick up cams and the new second generation stick up cams to your own POE switch. Mine are working just fine without using the Ring provided adapter. :slight_smile:

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Hi Dww - thanks for bringing that out. You are correct, however, I believe the jist of the frustration that most of us have is that "adding a PoE injector to this product is not worth the additional cost. All of my cams are just the original wired cams, which was launched prior to this version with the included PoE injector. What we want is to be able to purchase the “original” cam at the price point it was at or cheaper without the PoE injector.

Hi JustSecurity,
I totally get your point and it’s nice to know someone else agrees with me. I purchased a POE switch for about $50 to cover most of the cameras. I don’t need the injectors either and told multiple supervisors and a manger that they should just offer a cam only option. I hope more customers voice this concern as well. I’m also like to be as environmentally friendly as possible so recycling stuff I don’t need is not a best practice in my book. I hope you find another good option. I searched and found a few but like the simplicity of Ring and wanted to eventually move to their alarm system as well for as close to an all In one option. I think my thought process is to make my life simpler but sometimes I wonder. Lol

Hey Mav, I guess my assumption about the stick up cam was right all along. Yeah, Amazon/Ring did a marketing switch a roo in that they took the original stick-up cam wired and included in the box a PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapter. In addition, they claimed that the device has better video, sound and build quality. None of this makes sense and the side by side comparison with my neighbors demonstrate a less quality product when looking at the piture where these cams were placed on my home side by side. In addition, as I predicted to the contradiction of the Ring support team, the Stick up CAM wired (the camera that only had an ethernet cable in the box and NOT PoE) is NO-LONGER available. Bate and switch by Ring. Marketing is always based on false narratives and stretching the truth, but rarely get caught in the act of doing it. Well there are new cams coming on the market and I’m testing 3 in order to replace my rings as once I find that a company is unethical in its selling practice, I completely stop using their products. I’ve lost faith and will move on.

Hey, I know this has been dead thread for a while, but do you think the $100 per cam for a PoE injector is fair ? I purchased an 8 port PoE gigabyte switch for $125 and I have 7 cameras. I saved myself $675 dollars - what am I missing here ?

Thanks for your info, but that’s a given. The original stick up Cam was $100 at any of my computer stores nearby. The so-called new and improved stick up cam is $100 more bring the cost to $200 ea… I have 7 cams. That would have been $1400 for those cams where a PoE switch cost $110 or $125 savign almost $700 over the new cam cost.

According to some websites, like this , the specs are identical. So what was $100 for a PoE camera and $30 for the optional PoE injector is now $200. So they are charging an extra $70 for ??? I just need the PoE camera, not the injector and definitely not at that price. Even if Ring forces me to purchase their injector along with the cam, the price should be $130 right?

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Man, I welcome you to the club! They’re marketing folk really screwed the pooch on this one and I’ve been complaining for almost a year or more. What a way to “BURN” your core customer who knows how to use your product and force everyone to suffer for a $10.00 module (Ok, I said $10 because I don’t believe a PoE home type injector is worth more) that is being sold for $100!!! I cannot recall when a company made a bold, but badly executed move like this.

I’ve been testing a number of other IP based cam’s and am close to deciding which of them I’ll utilize as my primary system (not saying that I’ll keep these RING THINGS.) In addition, if they were going to UP the price by $100 why didn’t that open up the compatibility as well so that I can store my own video as well as cloud and also integrate with my home technology.

What a POS they’ve become!!!

If you want another suggestion, check out Amcrest. I have used Foscam/Amcrest for about 10 years. Not the best software but more affordable than Ring with comparable/better quality cams. Amcrest’s comparable floodlight cam is about $20 less than Ring’s, has a weather rating IP66 (Ring’s is only IP55) and also has a microSD slot on the camera. Most of Amcrest cams have a microSD slot so you don’t have to use cloud based storage if you don’t want to. I wanted to get away from using a Chinese brand and a 3rd party app, at least for now, and since I just bought some Ring cams last week I’m going to stick with it. Hopefully they get better. If Ring can get their wifi stuff figured out they could take out the zwave market pretty quickly. I still use zwave for every home automation except camera systems.

@kev84 - thanks for the recommendation sir and I appreciate it. I’ve been around this IT business long enough to know that when “BIG” companies buy “Little” companies slowly the big machine will start to turn the wheels. The first thing that you usually see is an attempt to grow the profit margin in two ways: 1) increase the product line cost with mislabeled improvements; 2) re-invent the technical support infrastructure with outsourcing; - I think Ring/Amazon has done both.

Fortunately / unfortunately the Ring cams got me to a point where I was no loner dependent on a monitored solution by a third party who had integrated cameras at a lofty monthly cost. But now, thanks to Rings technology/price gouging direction, I was forced to find an alternater.

It turns out, in my quest to get away from Big Tech cloud, I was able to replace my entire network and camera environment with a Ubiquiti system. Their indoor cam’s are 80 bucks and the picture quality is unmatched by Ring; Their bullet cam’s don’t have the degree range that Ring does, but at their cost, I bought two to handle that problem (which is the cost of a floodlight cam (Oh that just went out on me and I purchased a single flood light, with switch and the two cams, still $60 cheaper than Ring).

So farewell Ring-a-leers, I hope the parent company do not drag you all down the slippery price gouging slope. I look to see another price increase before summer.

And… The best thing about this Ubiquiti system is that I have local control of my vid’s and cloud storage for events. Go figure, you actually can own your video. Who’d a thunk it!!!

I’ll peek in from time to time.