Stick Up Cam Elite unavailable?

Is the Stick Up Cam Elite still being produced? I can’t find it for sale anywhere. Even removed it from the products page.

The Stick Up Camera Elite is indeed on our website at, however, it looks to be unavailable for purchase currently. This is often due to stock or shipping, in which there is an option on the product page to be notified once it is available. :slight_smile:

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I have beeen waiting for stick up cam
eite poe to come back in stock for months . anybody know what the holdup is?

Hi not sure if you are US or UK, it is showing in stock on ring UK.

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Thank you for the replies.
I signed up to be notified 8 months ago.
We are in the U.S…

I installed a Stick Up Cam Elite POE last year and are very happy with it. I want to put a couple more up. :confused:

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Yes in the US and not able to get these cameras, what is the hold up ring ?

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is the holdup on stick up cam
poe w adapter being in stock? I have been waiting months

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Oh well. Can’t wait any longer. Looking elsewhere :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Same. Going elsewhere. The fact that no one, and I mean NO ONE at ring is willing to discuss what the hold up is, makes me want to punch people. Its been FOREVER!

Don’t want a full dvr solution but I will go with Lorex. At least they have systems in stock.

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Ring staff do not participate in these forums to disclose product availability.
A simple search online turned up resellers of the device you are looking for. You are welcome to buy from someone other than Ring, and actually based on Ring’s poor shipping history, prefer it.

Even if you want to defend Ring, you cannot deny the fact that they are not giving customers any kind of reassurance that a purchase of this premium product would be a good decision.

The Stick Up Cam Elite is nearly 4 years old now, and it has been out of stock direct from Ring for 6-plus months, with only small shipments periodically going to other sellers. Common sense would say that a refresh should be expected soon. Yet, Ring is not giving customers like me who need to buy 10 units right now (~$2000 purchase) any reassurance that it is happening. A simple “coming soon” would suffice. They copy and paste the same “supply chain” excuse, but never actually inquire with their teams to give a yes/no to simple questions:

Is it being discontinued? If yes, why is it still listed on your website confusing customers? If no, is a new model in development? If it is not in development, then I would presume this is the model to buy, and I will buy as many units as I need as they trickle in from the “supply chain”.

Ring, please for love of your customers, find an answer for us.

What’s posted on the website is all the info any of us have access to as we are just fellow users.
No one from Ring is doing any AMAs so you aren’t going to get any answers from actual Ring staff here or anywhere but a news release.