Stick up cam elite power options

This is not clear in any posts I’ve seen or product description. Can the stick up cam ELITE be powered with an outdoor plug in 120v ac cord? I don’t want Poe but want the same functionality that the 2nd gen stick up plug in had which was plug in, customizable zones, people only mode. 3rd gen stick up plug in lost these features. Seems 2nd gen was renamed Elite and price was doubled. Can someone clarify if I can plug Elite into an outlet for power?

Hey @Ssg. The only way to power the Stick Up Cam Elite at this time is going to be with the PoE Adapter that comes with the device. I apologize for any inconvenience a setup like that may be for you, but this is the only way to set up the Elite at this time. I will ensure I pass on your feedback to the appropriate teams on this matter, as we are always looking into ways that we can improve the neighbor experience for all!