Stick Up Cam Elite POE causing STP to block the port, why?

So I’ve already for a Doorbell Pro and a spotlight cam. So I thought I would finish out my external camera security setup with 2 x Stick Up Cam Elite to cover the remaining blind spots.

I have a POE switch and so these cameras are the perfect product for me to use mounted from the roof eaves with just the one ethernet cable running to them.

I had a problem trying to get them to work over ethernet right from the start. Power was fine but the ethernet port refused to stay up on my switch and after a bit of Ring support help and my own troubleshooting, I discovered that my Switch’s STP (Spanning-Tree Protocol) feature was blocking/discarding for the port the camera was on.

How is it possible that the Ring Camera could be considered to be creating a loop in my network and triggering STP on my switch to step in an block the port? Is this something that I should pursue with Ring support or just leave STP off on my switch?

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Turns out someone else encountered this a year ago and reported it.

I have a rack mounted managed switch is less home user and more small business. Still it would be nice to have compatibility!

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