Stick up cam elite not able to rotate view

Just bought 6 Stick up cam elite units, with the understanding the view can be rotated 180 degrees to allow for inverted mounting from the ceiling.

Nowhere in the app can i find such a setting to allow for the inversion of the video.



Can I mount Stick Up Cam Elite upside-down on a ceiling or eave?

Yes. Just be sure to enable the “Rotate Video” feature in the app while setting up your Stick Up Cam Elite to align your camera to the upside-down position.

This is taken directly from the FAQ of YOUR website.


Hey @4DD. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. While we do not have the functionality in the Ring app for you to rotate the Live View for your Stick Up Cam Elite, you do have the option to rotate the Stick Up Cam Elite’s physical position if you have the Stick Up Cam Mount. Please note that this mount is only for the 2nd and 3rd generation. This mount comes in black or white to match your device so you can get the perfect view, while also having it show correctly in your Live View.

I have made sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate team, and they are working on getting the FAQ updated as soon as possible. If you go to the Stick Up Cam Mount link that I provided, you can see a picture of how the mount was used to get it mounting onto a ceiling or eave.

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Hi Chelsea,

We bought 6 of these cameras, for the sole purpose that they could have the image inverted via the app. We do not want the camera mounted the way you have shown, as the ethernet cable shows, and makes the install apprear tacky. The Stick-up cam elite had everything we needed (PoE, ceiling mount, and invertable image) according to YOUR website, so we made our purchase.

Now you tell me we cannot use the product as RING sold it?

Please, rather than removing the verbiage from your FAQ section, get your development team actively fixing the app to acommodate this simple request.


@4DD Thanks for getting back to me. We are working on getting this removed from the FAQ to avoid further confusion for other neighbors. I apologize for this and any troubles it may have caused you.

With the device not having this feature available, you are still free to use the Stick Up Cam’s mount that comes in the box in order to achieve the view and angle you are desiring.

If you still feel the cameras aren’t matching your expectations, you can reach out to our support team here in order to obtain return labels so we can refund you once we’ve received the returned items. You can learn more about our return process in our Ring Help Center Article here. This will allow you to explore your security needs with a company that better fits your expectations.

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Perhaps offer us an explanation why the cheap indoor camera is allowed this fetauture but not the nicer outdoor camera?



This sucks. Just mounted it under the eave and didn’t see a setting to rotate view. Every other cam on the market does this and Ring doesn’t? wtf


I’ve done the same stupid thing! It still on the website that we can rotate the camera. So I got 2 cameras thinking that I could install it on the ceiling. And No… you have to spend more money just to do that. Can’t believe.


Any update on this? I cant see the rotate view. Would wanted to return my 4 elite cam if this will not be on the setting which is the reason why i bought these.


Hey neighbors. As previously mentioned, the only device that can have the Live View rotated is the Indoor Cam. If you would like to mount the Stick Up Cam Elite upside down or on a ceiling/eave, please be sure to swivel the base above Stick Up Cam Elite and push the rubber pad into the bottom of the base. Ensure the Ring logo is not upside down, and as long as it reads normally and not upside down, the Live View should be the correct orientation for you.

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This is ridiculous you don’t have the option to rotate the camera view in the app it’s a simple software change most people want to mount these in the eves of there homes I’m paying 100 per year for your service the least you can do is give us the option to rotate the video feed without the use of a gockey looking swivel mount


This is ridiculous. We want to stick this up to eaves of our homes so it is out of the way and doesn’t look ugly. Give us a way to rotate the view.


How easy for a simple software program code change to allow to rotate and image 180. Instead we have to buy a ridiculous piece of hardware to mount the camera for an upside down or parallel image plane. Stupid design department and ring will get a 2 star rating.


Same issue. Simple request for an expensive product. Add me to the list for this hopefully getting to somebody that can actually change something.



First, I agree with the majority of people on here…Ring should update the app to allow us to rotate the image for ALL their cams.

Second, I understand why Ring stopped allowing rotation for their outdoor cams…they are weather-resistant in the correct upright orientation, but not updside down or even sideways. Considering Ring warranties (and extends the warranty for Ring Protect Plus) their outdoor cams, they would be losing money by all the claims by those inverting their outdoor cams (yes, water or dirt will eventually get into the electronics of the inverted cam).

So, what is the solution to appease everyone?

  1. Ring adds the functionality to the app to rotate the view of ALL their cameras, including outdoor cams. (It would be a great feature to have 360 degree adjustable increments, so that a user could physically install the cam however it best fits, then “level” the image in the software.)

  2. In the app, when the user toggles the “Rotate View” to “On”, have a popup that states something like, “By using this feature, the warranty will be VOID for this cam if water or dirt intrusion is found to be the cause of the issue.”.

This solution doesn’t cost the user any more money, is quick, and costs the least for Ring (a software change is way quicker and costs way less than changing the harware to make it waterproof/IP65+).

Problem solved? We all happy now? If so, click the Kudos (below) so that Ring sees this and takes note and gets this feature done.

Stay safe and well, Aloha!


Like everyone else on this forum, WHY can’t you help us?? Lots of us have gutters and can’t mount the cameras on the fascia board!!

Some possible solutions would be:

  1. Have the choice of stick up camera - ceiling mount or

                                          stick up camera- wall mount

    Then customers could choose the one they want.



  4. Offer a free ceiling mount. After all, we’re all spending a lot of money on your products and making a commitment to YOUR COMPANY.

Does a simple housewife and grandmother have to figure out your marketing plans??

My husband is really upset at your engineers and marketers right now, and would rather just return the camera than pay extra for something that should have been included, thus delaying our install!!!


Hi neighbors. @BigIsland You make some great points! I would suggest moving them to the Feature Request Board so this idea can be shared with the Ring Community! Once posted there, it can receive upvotes and hopefully your idea can one day come to fruition.

As previously mentioned, the Stick Up Cam is capable of being mounted to the ceiling or a wall. Instructions on how to mount the Stick Up Cam Elite can be found here. This link here will take you to our YouTube channel where you can watch a great how-to video.

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Mahalo Tom!

I did what you suggested and posted to the Ring Community Feature Request Board.

Now I need people to give Kudos to it so those in-charge of development at Ring will take notice and get this done…it could be a fairly quick process.

Mahalo and Aloha!

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I posted about this issue in the Ring Community Feature Request Board and need you to give Kudos to it so those in-charge of development at Ring will take notice and get this done. This could be a fairly quick feature change for Ring, but you need to up-vote my suggestion with a Thumbs-Up/Kudos, so please click the link and vote!

Mahalo and Aloha!


To this day the website still implies this is ok. Not good!

Mounting Base
Integrated mounting base/stand with adjustable angle. Can sit freestanding, mount to a wall, or mount to a ceiling

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