Stick up cam elite - no longer available?

Hi, as the title states, I can’t seem to find the elite camera (POE) available anywhere - does anyone know if it has been discontinued? Thanks!

Hi @user42370. Thanks for your feedback. The Stick Up Cam Elite was listed under the Bundles section, rather than the Stick Up Cams section. Our team got that fixed, and you can now find the Stick Up Cam Elite with the PoE Adapter here. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Caitlyn_Ring - I can see the camera but the link takes you to Amazon (as before) and it is out of stock?

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Hi @user42370. I’m happy to chime in here. I have clicked the link Caitlyn has provided, and it does take me to Ring’s webpage for the Stick Up Cam Elite. Try clicking the link once more, and if it is still doing the same thing, use a different web browser to see if it makes a difference.

Hi @Justin_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring thanks! The link does take you to the correct page, however when you scroll down, rather than a purchase button there is a button that takes you to Amazon, which then shows they are unavailable.

@user42370. Are you in the US? If not, and you’re in the UK, it is out of stock there, which is why the link takes you to Amazon, where it is out of stock as well. Unfortunately, we do not have any information on when it will be back in stock in the UK.

Hi. It seems that The Stick up camera Elite is now out of stock everywhere. Does anyone know when is it expected to become available again? If it was discontinued I would expect it to appear as out of stock. I have a POE installation and cannot extend my camera network without it.
Thank you.

Hi @user51308. The Stick Up Cam Elite does show that it is available if you are in the US. Where are you located?

Hi based in the UK and showing out of stock.

Any ideas when it’ll be in stock?

Can someone confirm it’s not been discontinued??

Hello, I have the same problem but based in France. Could you give an update on this please?

Hi neighbors. At this time, we have no updates to provide on the Stick Cam Elite being back in stock in other countries.

The Ring Stickup Cam elite still seems to be not available after over a year.

I have one that has failed and I need a PoE replacement.

Any idea where I can get one?

Hi @Yarner. I would recommend reaching out to our support team to see if the replacement part you need is available.

I have a feeling Ring are not going to continue with the “elite” POE products. I noticed the new outdoor cam pro which is set to launch this month and is basically an upgrade of the stick up cam does not have POE as an option listed, just plug in, battery and solar. The doorbell Elite hasn’t been updated for years now either and wouldn’t be surprised if it quietly disappeared.

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