Stick Up Cam Elite - Connectors on supplied ethernet cable? Both male RJ45?

The Stick Up Cam Elite product page shows a 6m outdoor ethernet cable is supplied. What connectors are on each end of the cable? I presume a male RJ45 at each end?

The 6m cable will reach from the camera to indoors, but won’t be long enough to reach the PoE adaptor (and router). So if the supplied cable has a male RJ45 at both ends, then I presume I could use a female RJ45 to female RJ45 connector to join another ethernet cable?

You could daisy chain your cables, but why not just purchase a cable of the right length so you don’t have to mess with a join point?

@SolarEclipse, It’s just that I’ve got a spare ethernet cable which might be long enough to reach from the supplied 6m cable to the PoE adaptor, so was thinking I could use that. I’m actually installing it over my parents’ house, and haven’t worked out the route of the cable yet. But might just get them to buy a new cable from the camera to PoE adaptor, as you suggest.

That’s cool. From previous experience, I like to reduce the amount of failure points as much as possible, especially cables that might be running through attic/crawl space! Fighting spiders isn’t my idea of joy! :smiley: