Stick Up Cam Elite and Doorbell Elite PoE status offline

I just added a Stick Up Cam Elite PoE alongside my Ring Doorbell Elite. Both were setup using PoE, and they’re not connected to WiFi. Originally, the camera gave me a bunch of fits setting it up, saying it couldn’t connect to WiFi when I told it I was using Ethernet. It did finally connect.

However, now when I check the Stick Up Cam in device health, it says:
Status: Offline (in red letters)
Connection Type: Ethernet (in red letters)

However, it still seems to be active, and I can see the live feed.

For grins, I decided to check my doorbell, which has been active for months and it has the same thing:

Status: Offline (in red letters)
Connection Type: Ethernet (in red letters)

Is this normal for PoE equipment? Is there a way to clear this “issue”? Is it an issue?

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Thank you for sharing your experience, and in detail, @EricG! This should not be happening at all, especially since you’ve confirmed live view is connecting on both. I recommend removing and reinstalling the application, as well as power cycling the Cams by removing and reinserting the POE plug.

If this does not resolve the concern, the best next step would be to reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting. Feel free to let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

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I tried doing the suggestions here, but was only able to get the status field in both the doorbell and stick up cam to disappear. Both say no status, and show connected to Ethernet in red letters. Again, everything appears to be working as intended, and I have no issues connecting to the devices, but I am just assuming that red Ethernet is bad. Perhaps it’s not.

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Thanks for confirming this information @EricG. With both of these devices working as intended, please disregard the red lettering as it is not indicating any concern. As we value our neighbors feedback, I’ve shared this experience with the team who is investigating further. :slight_smile:

I have this same experience with both of my Ring Elite cams, both show offline despite being online via wired ethernet. Not an ideal user experience as I have no way of remotely knowing if my cameras have gone offline, and the app always says they are in poor status.


Same here with one Ring Elite doorbell connected PoE. Status Offline (red) and Connection Type Ethernet (red) - but everything working perfectly well. New user not impressed with basic glitches like this.

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I have the same issue. Have two stick up Elite’s connected via POE.

When installed, one was connected as it should be (said online and connected via ethernet), whereas the other kept giving a very high RSSI reading even though not connected via wi-fi. This is still there but both now say offline when looking at device health - even though both say online on the dashboard.

Both cameras work fine and connect through live view - however, the one with the RSSI reading always says poor connection.

Have deleted the app and power cycled, however no change whatsoever.

Surely this shouldn’t be the case should it? This sounds firmware related in my humble related.

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Having the same issue with a Stick Up Cam Elite - connected via official PoE adapter that came with the unit. It works perfectly fine - live view, motion detect, etc. but says offline as described by others. Sounds like a software issue of some kind. Can someone get a bug submitted for this on the ring side?

We appreciate your feedback neighbors, and have delivered it to our team, who is investigating further. If you are experiencing this, please ensure your devices are working as intended, and if so you may disregard the red lettering as it is not indicating any concern. The quickest way to confirm your connection is via live view. We will be sure to keep the Community updated with any information we find! :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I have the same issue with both my PoE Stick Up Cams.
But yes, they otherwise work.