Stick Up Cam Detection Zone Does Not Cover Field of Vision

I have noticed the Stick Up Cam Detection Zone only covers bottom 2/3 of field of vision. When I set the detection zone I only see the bottom two thirds of what I see when I perform a Live View. I am testing the Ring Stick Up Cam against EufyCam 2C and Eufy detection zone matches the field of vision.

The only way I see to fix this is to raise the camera, but then I cut off my field of vision. Has anyone else noticed this defect? It is a defect as I see it.

When using customizable motion zones on a battery powered device, a portion of the screen will be visible at the top but zones cannot be expanded into this area. This is due to the Camera field of view being greater than the motion detection field of view. Check out the solution in this Community post for more details. :slight_smile: