Stick up cam - connection problems when battery/power disconnected

I have two stick up cams, an Elite and a battery.

They are both exhibiting the same problem at the moment.

When the battery ran out, I replaced it with a spare, the lights came back on on the front, but it was not connected to the app, it insisted the wifi connection was lost.

I tried to manually reset it and it kept insisting that the wifi password was incorrect (it wasn’t)

The same thing has now happened to the elite when I had to unplug it for a few seconds.

From the front of the unit, the red lights come on when motion is detected and the blue light is on when it’s recording.

I am getting nothing recorded and cannot access either of them.

(My other two cams are working fine, so there’s no problem with the router)

I have a Netgear Nighthawk router btw.

Hey there, @Wibbler! Have you walked through a setup again with attempting to reconnect your device to the Wi-Fi? You will need to open the Ring app, visit the desired device’s page, and click on Device Health. Once there, if the device is reporting as offline, you should be able to click on “Reconnect to Wi-Fi Network.” Follow those in-app steps to get it reconnected, and if you run into any concerns or get stuck, please reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918!

Yes, I have tried that, it still does the same thing.

I turned off the router for a minute last night, then turned it back on, and one of the cams reconnected, the other did not.