Stick Up Cam - Completing Setup?

New Ring user here… Set up 2 stick up cams yesterday (newest gen, outdoor, plug-in). They both appear to be working fine, motion sensor and alerts work fine, video records fine, live stream and audio all check out.

BUT… When I look at either cam in the Ring app and go to Settings (the gear icon), the little red “!” icon is displayed and it says “Please complete the final setup steps for your xxx” (where “xxx” is the camera name).

If I tap the “COMPLETE SETUP” button, it just brings me back to the same Setting screen (the one with Even History, Motion Snooze, Linked Devices, etc.)

There’s nothing on this screen suggesting it needs any input. I’ve clicked through each option in Settings and everything looks good to me. Device Health is fine.

Both cams did update their firmware when I initially set them up and both show they are using the current firmware.


My battery-powered Ring Stick Up Camera (3rd generation) suddenly stopped detecting motion. I recently made a change to my home WiFi, and am now running a mesh network from my router (including disabling the Verizon WiFi network from my router).

The camera is able to be setup properly and connect to the network. It will detect motion and record video once immediately after that, then absolutely nothing. Like the camera is dead.

When I log into the app, the Device page has an alert that tells me to complete the final setup steps (even though that was already complete). When I hit “Complete Setup” it just goes back to the screen with the exclamation point and does nothing. VERY frustrating!

It shows full Wifi strength, firmware updated, etc. But it is clearly not detecting any motion. The blue light never comes on.

This is certainly an odd occurrence to hear of neighbors! With what you’ve described, your devices are certainly setup and sound to be reporting correctly to the app. An red indicator in the app settings might have to do with power source, settings, or connection. Please go through each setting option to ensure you’ve optimized all the options available, as well as check for any new features the app might be making you aware of.

If this indicator is persisting, and only references “completing the setup”, try removing the app and reinstalling it on your mobile device. Feel free to respond with a screen shot or screen recording example of this concern so we can look into this further! :slight_smile:


App re-install worked for me.

Thanks. I reinstalled the Ring app and it resolved my issue as well.