Stick-up Cam Ceiling Mount

Just got my first Ring product, Stick Up Cam Battery. All their instructions are lacking, but for ceiling mounting it says to attach the mount to the ceiling with the rubber side down. But if I orient it like it appears I should, the rubber side is up, as it’s opposite the removable plastic cover which has to be down. When mounting to a wall the rubber is supposed to be between the mount and the wall, so shouldn’t it be the same for the ceiling? Or am I supposed to remove the rubber and put it on the bottom? It doesn’t appear it would do anything there.

As I think about it, there is no way to mount this near the wall where you normally would. If you attach the camera to the mount first like it says you can’t rotate it back up towards the ceiling to access the mount screws. If you mount the mount to the ceiling first you can’t access the screw on the back to mount the camera to the mount.

Look like I might be able to pivot it back enough to access the screws if I rotate the camera sideways. But I see the screw they provided for the cover is the wrong size.

The regular mount that came with it would probably work just fine upside down but you can’t invert the image on these cameras which is dumb.

The security screw is an M3, not very common but Lowes did have one, albeit not with the security head, just a regular philips which defeats the purpose. I called Ring to see if they could send some but they just said to return the product to the store.

You can find the correct parts (if in stock) here Accessories | Ring

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