Stick up cam can't see past window screen

I bought the stick up cam intending to have it looking out of a window at my garage. It can’t seem to see anything other than the screen, or a glare on the glass at night. Is there a way to fix that? I’ve tried turning on and off the night vision settings.

Do you have a light on in the room when it’s on and it a light outside?

Maybe post a picture of what you’re see as well.

Nope. This is at night. It’s behind a curtain and there is no outside light on, other than maybe a neighbor.

And this is daylight

Looks like it’s definitely focusing on the screen. It won’t work . You’d have to back up away from the window so it wouldn’t have the screen so close. But then it still may focus on it. Without the screen it should work fine. Can you raise the screen and keep the window closed?