Stick up cam can't activate live view

Hello ring people been having this issue with both ring stick up cam there both set up on the ring app but when I go and tap live section it takes forever and never gets it I did the troubleshooting like everyone has posted and it’s still the same now the RSS on one is 36 the other one is at 30 it doesn’t show the little - it’s just 30 and 36 my wifi dl is 290 and my uploaded is at 40 I don’t know what else to do can someone please help me out please

I have been read About the error I have or had I gave up. I tried everything they said to do but it was all the same the wifi man I have great internet run download is at 300mps uploaded is at 40 then the RSS thing is always between -40 and -1 there is no clutter in my room no interference and I still can’t get live view so I gave up and got blink way better hooked it up with no problem