Stick up Cam Battery won't connect live.

We are just setting up our newest (4th) stick up cam battery. After setting it up in the app, it went into update mode. After completing update mode and shutting off (sleep mode, whatever its called), it will not connect live. I went through the entire app menu, including check wifi signal, etc, but it keeps telling me it is failing to connect.

Help please. We need to get this up before hubby has to go back to work.

I assume you have tried rebooting the camera (power off for a few minutes then power on). And have tried moving the camera close to the wifi. If those did not do it, I would call support.

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Thank you. Yes, I had tried everything but it wouldn’t go live. I ended up calling support and we got it working. Support was awesome.


What did you end up doing? I can’t connect live, and mine won’t pick up anything. It’s like it’s dead, but it’s not. Battery says 45%.

The first thing they had me do was to pull the battery from the camera, then put it back in. Then, what they had me do was to go into the app and click on the 3 dash menu in the top, left corner. Go to devices and click on “Set up a a device.” Then, set up the one that won’t connect all over again. If you scan the code in the battery compartment again, it makes it easier to get through the setup the second time. You can give it the same name as what it currently uses. That worked for me. Good luck!

If it doesn’t work, I will say that their support is excellent. They will stay on the phone and walk you through whatever it takes to get it working. Plus, they can “see” what is going on with the camera, check the firmware, etc.


Thank you for responding. I decided to switch out the battery (even though it was still at 36%) and now it seems to be working fine. Thank you!