Stick up cam battery SIREN question

Hi all,

I have had 4 different answers on this. Hoping someone can help me with this one. Does the stickup cam, indoor/outdoor version, battery version, - does this have a siren?

So when I have the ring alarm set, I would like a siren outside to sound, whether I set it off manually or it triggers with the ring alarm system, it would be good but no one seems to know whether it has a siren the spotlight cam - including ring …

Does anyone know?

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Hi @rk90. The Stick Up Cams have a siren, alongside the Spotlight Cams and Floodlight Cams as well. You can learn more about all of the features of each Ring Camera in our Help Center Article here, which can help you decide which model would fit best for your home. You can also learn more about the Linked Devices feature here, which allows you to link your Ring devices together for enhanced security. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

My battery stick up cam has a siren (not very loud) that I can trigger manually. Don’t know if it can be linked to the Ring alarm. Don’t think it can.

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Hi @trenchant. That is correct. I double-checked information with my team as I got some conflicting information, but I edited my post to reflect the correct answer. The Linked Devices feature I mentioned allows for the Cameras to be linked to the Alarm system. I linked to a Help Center article in my previous post that goes more into depth on the feature as well. :slight_smile: