Stick Up Cam Battery not Detecting People (Gen 3)

Hi All,

Just installed a stick up cam battery. It points out our sideyard into the street.

Our goal is to record activity on the sidewalk in that area. See attached screen shots for the area its pointed at, and a shot of a person walking on the sidewalk.

The cam has no problem detecting and alerting for a car that drives by, but regardless of how we set the motion settings (we’ve tried just about every combo of sensitivy and frequency, etc.) it will not alert when a person walks by. Even though the people are closer to the camera than the cars it alerts on.

We have tried it with motion sensitivity set to high, and detection set to Frequent, and with Motion Verification both on and off. The motion zones covering these areas are on.

Again, we can walk in front of the camera on the sidewal and jump up and down and wave our arms, and no alert. But if a car drives by 10 feet behind us, it will alert .

Reminder that Stick Up Cams do not have customizable motion zones or people only mode.

Any thoughts appreciated. Is it possilbe our camera is defective? Or have we just exposed a flaw in Ring’s motion detection algorithms.

Hi @RaceFan. I appreciate you taking the time to list out all of those details on what you’re experiencing, as well as sharing those screenshots. If possible, can you share a screenshot of the Motion Zones screen from your Ring App? Additionally, how high up is your Stick Up Cam mounted? With the angle it’s at, it may be tough for it to reliably pick up motion on the sidewalk outside of the wall, but there may be some adjustments I can recommend. :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn,

Thanks for your response . Regarding the motion zones, I suddenly am not getting the Motion Zones screen to appear in the app. I believe it was on the 2nd screen of the “Motion Detection” option in the device settings, but right now there is not button on the bottom of the first screen to let me move to the second screen. I thought it might be because I have a motion schedule turned on to not show alerts during the day, but even after I turned it off it won’t show me the motion zones screen.

In any case, I turned the left and middle zones turned on in the Motion Zones screen.

The Camera is mounted about 10 feet high on the facia board below my roof. It is angled down almost all of the way.

For a further example of the motion behavior we’re seeing I have attached another copy of the area it is monitoring, with some lines drawn on it.

The bottom red line represents the area where we WANT to detect people on the sidewalk. But it does not detect them, even though it can see 1/2 of their body or more the whole time they are passing in front of it.

The green line directly above that, represents an area where it WILL detect PEOPLE walking . So someone walking in the street gets detected.

The next green line represents where it will detect on cars passing, then the top red line is where it will not see cars or people. Which is fine.

I cannot hang the camera any lower, it’s at the lowest point of the roof there. .

Any advice appreciated.

Thanks much!

Sorry, forgot to attach new picture to last post. It is attached here.

@RaceFan Thanks for that information. Based on the mounting location, the street is directly in the Camera’s field of view, which is why it is regularly picking up the cars passing by. Additionally, the bushes on the fence can be impacting the Camera’s motion detection and preventing it from picking up people walking by on the sidewalk outside. You can read more about the motion detection in Ring devices in our Help Center Article here. The fence and the bushes on the fence are likely throwing off your Camera’s motion detection.

I would recommend giving our support team a call directly, as they’ll be able to walk through your settings and the positioning of your Camera with you in an effort to find a solution that works for you. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.