Stick Up Cam Battery - Motion Zone is smaller than Live View

I have a Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd Gen), and the “live” picture of where I can select my motion zone is smaller than my view in Live View. On my Stick Up Cam Plug-in (3rd Gen), the Live View and the motion zone view are identical. Any ideas why the motion zone view on the Battery is smaller, and is there anything I can do to fix it?

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Bumping this. I wish I could attached pictures to be able to show the problem better.

Thanks for your comments. I did search, and I wasn’t able to find anything recent that applied to my cameras, and why one would work differently than the other.
I’m sorry you found the bump annoying and rude. I’m just trying to find a solution to my problem.

Hi @EnricoS. This is actually how it is intended to function. Motion zones can not be extended to the full area of your Live View when creating these zones because the area your camera covers is slightly larger than the area your motion sensors cover. You can read more about the Customizable Motion Zones and what Ring devices have this feature in our Community Post here.

Hi @Justin_Ring. Sorry, just seeing this now.

Is there a difference between the Plug in and Battery Stick Up cams?
My Plug in cam gives me the same area for motion as the camera view, however my Battery cam does not.

Aren’t these basically the same camera, with the difference being one comes with a battery and one comes with a cord?