Stick up cam Battery life

I just received my new stick up cam and charged the battery, Which took over 12 hours to charge. Mounted the camera and had only 12 recorded events over night and now the battery is completely dead. Do I I have a defective battery?

Hi @Chasliss! 12 events should not completely drain a fully charged battery. While 12 recordings just over night is considered a high number of events to have, and while it would drain the battery somewhat, it should not drain it to 0% that quickly.

As you stated you just received this Camera, often times during setup the battery is used for initiating connection, updating, configuring settings, and testing. Check out our Community post about battery drain for tips on optimizing charge life.

Now that your Camera is setup, try charging the battery for several hours once again, using the USB and a standard outlet, and see if this happens again. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: