Stick up cam battery bottom cover replacement

Don’t be told by Ring that the bottom cover is not available to consumers. This is what they told me when it was escalated. Guess what? It is available, just received it. The barcode on the packet is

842861105025 (white)

I was just ran in circles by support. They told me this didn’t exist and gave me discount codes for new cameras (I lost 4 of these in my move). I found this thread and logged back into support chat. They then confirmed the part exists, but stated it cannot be purchased. Then proceeded to tell me that they send them out for free to customers within warranty. What kind of sense does this make? I’m ready and willing to pay for them! I have two doorbells, 6 stick up cams, and two spotlights, so needless to say, I like Ring products. This experience soured my opinion a lot.