Stick Up Cam - Battery - App Motion Schedule

In the Ring App for the Stick Up Cam - Battery, in the settings for the camera is a Motion Schedule.

Does anyone know if the setting is to stop recording between the times set, or stop recording outside the times set ?

I have tried both ways and it seems to have no effect.

Good question @Norster! The motion schedule feature is used to prevent alerts during a designated period of time. Once you choose, save, and enable a time frame for motion scheduling, you should not receive alerts during that desired time.

If you have multiple devices or do not have a set schedule to choose from, you might enjoy the motion snooze feature which allows you to quickly snooze alerts from a device for a certain duration of time. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you. That makes sense.

Actually, I don’t think that makes sense. I want to extend battery life by NOT recording during the scheduled time. So there’s no way to do that? Not cool.