Stick Up Cam Battery 3rd Gen Versions

I’m thinking about adding a couple of Ring Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen Battery devices to my current system.

I’m seeing two different model numbers come up , sometimes on the same websites with a price difference of only a pound, but with otherwise identical specs.

I’m not sure whether one of them is accidentally listing a 2nd gen as a 3rd gen. The two sku numbers are 8SC1S1 and 8SC1S9.

Any advice on whether they are actually different cams or which is better to go for?

Hi @r5kod. The 2 different SKU number are for the Stick Up Cam Battery 3rd Gen, but for different regions. If you are on, you can select your country on the bottom right side of the page. This will ensure that you are purchasing the correct camera for your part of the world. The 2nd Gen Stick Up Cam Battery has been discontinued and replaced with the 3rd Gen. I hope this helps!