stick up cam and pets

My stick up cam is not recording my 10 lb dog. I have my motions settings set to all motion (not just people) and my motion sensitivity set to all motion. (I have verified that my zone settings include the area I want recorded…)

My cam works great when a person is present.

Hey @joeyd! It sounds like you’ve optimized your motion settings properly. Depending on area and mounting height, there might be room for adjustment there. If the Stick Up Cam is mounted too high, a pet might be hard to detect. I recommend also trying to angle the camera more downwards so that it’s focal point is the area where your pet frequents. This combined with your optimized settings, should assist with detection.

Keep in mind this can vary based on size of pet and model of device. For instance, if your Stick Up Cam features adjustable motion detection, it utilizes PIR (heat signatures) which can vary in things that are not humans, such as vehicles or pets.