Stick Up Cam and Motion Sensor Placement

I am just setting up my Ring alarm system which will replace an ADT system. I have placed a Stick Up camera in the same interior room as a motion sensor. I just realized that there appears to be no need for the independent motion sensor as the camera can provide the same functionality. Is this sound thinking or does anyone see the need for both devices to monitor the same interior room? My ADT system has both devices bit teh camera is under the ADT Pulse functionality.

Appreciate your support and thank you in advance

Hi @dmelideo. While this will be your personal preference, you may want to keep a Ring Alarm Motion Detector in the same room as well. While you camera will detect motion and record anything in the room, it will not set off your Ring Alarm Security System if motion is detected when your Ring Alarm is armed. Therefore, having the Motion Detector in there will ensure that if motion is detected, when armed, that it will trigger your Ring Alarm to go off. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

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Hello Chelsea. Appreciate the response. This is exactly the information I was looking for. I assumed the camera would act as a motion sensor when system armed as “away” as it does trigger movement alerts. I did want a robust movement alrm in the selected area. Appreciate your help.

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