Stick Up Cam (3rd Generation) ... can it be a node in a EERO Mesh

I have several outdoor Solar powered Stickup Cams 3rd Generation (all working fine.). I need to put a new Cam way out at the end of my parking lot, out of direct reach of my WiFi. I need to know if I update my Alarm Base Station to the new EERO capable base station can or will my current Solar 3rd Gen Cams act as EERO mesh nodes so that the new farthest Cam can use a closer Cam as it’s WiFi connection to the EERO Base Station? Thanks.

Hi @kfglock. I checked the details on this and no, your Stick Up Cams will not act as new eero mesh nodes. The Ring Alarm Pro Base Station acts as an eero router, and your devices such as your Stick Up Cams would then connect to the Base Station via wifi. If you’re looking to extend the range of your network, we recommend eero 6 Mesh Wifi Extenders, although generations of eero products will still work as wifi extenders for your Ring Alarm Pro. I hope this helps answer your questions! :slight_smile: