Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen Solar Status

I have just added a solar panel to my 3rd Generation Ring Stick Up Cam. It doesn’t seem to be charging and I don’t know how I can tell if the solar panel is connected. There’s no indicator in the iOS app that it is.

When I have the solar panel plugged in, there is no charging indicator on the green battery icon (like a lightning bolt), the only thing that happens is that the battery level in Device Health goes from whatever it was (today it was at 90%) all the way to 100% instantly and stays at 100% while there is sunlight on the panel.

After the sun goes down, the battery level in Device Health reverts to whatever the actual level the battery is at. In Device Health there is no mention of the solar panel, all I have is Power Source (“Battery”) and Battery Level in the Power section of Device Health.

Screenshot included.

Is this normal?


@ultramookie: You asked “Is this normal?”

Earlier, I (along w/others) experienced an issue with battery charge % reflected in the Ring app. Here’s the pertinent thread--

Upon app update to current version 3.32.1, the software glitch was apparently addressed. Immediately thereafter (around 11/3), the lightning-bolt “charging” icon disappeared briefly as my app showed my battery charge levels for both of my cams climb back up to 100%. In the evenings, after a few motion events, charge levels typically dropped to the low-mid 90%’s as I would expect; during the early daylight “charging” period, app showed sudden jump to 100% charge for both cams, just as you describe (no charging icon). It’s been this way until today (it’s early afternoon right now w/direct sunlight to both panels). Charge levels shown on the app are currently at 91% and 96% – exactly where they were at dawn this morning.

So my response to your question would be that if the app was working properly (as it used to), I don’t think this is “normal”. Lately, however, apparent software glitches, such as you describe, have been the norm. It has gotten to the point where I can no longer trust what my app shows me. I’ll continue monitoring for changes. I note that you use an iOS device; I use an Android.

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I failed to add that on 11/7, during a brief period, my app had a conniption and showed the charging icon (lightning bolt on battery); but this lasted only briefly. Since then, it hasn’t reappeared.

Thanks for the reply. Yea, it’s really confusing about what I should see because it seems like there are different statuses for different cameras when I am reading through the threads. Like some Spotlight camera owners talk about “Solar Status”, there are some camera owners that talk about “Connected/Established”, I see some say that they are seeing “Power Outlet”. I wish Ring would standardize on messenging on the power status to make things less confusing.

It wasn’t a sunny day today in NorCal, only got a tiny bit. My battery dropped from 90% to 89%. I saw that you had posted in a different thread that you see the battery levels stabilize around 88-89% for your Stick Up cams. Are you still see that? Is that what I should expect too?

I totally agree that app standardization of solar status across all devices is needed. About mid-afternoon today, several hours prior to dusk, my app showed battery charge levels for both of my Stick Up Solar cams suddenly jump from the dawn readings (91/96%) to full charge after being stuck on the dawn readings most of the day. This is the first time this has happened since the current app update, so I’m still monitoring to see if this is the new normal. If this really is the new normal, I’d be okay with it since my devices are still working for me at an acceptable level. As much as I would like to see Ring address such buggy software/firmware shortcomings (which would go a long way in addressing User confidence), I’m always expecting the unexpected.

Update: Since the network outage a few days ago (11/25), I noticed this battery-charge trend – The current app V3.33.0 (updated 11/24), appears to show the same dawn charges throughout the “charging” day. As soon as the sun goes down, battery instantaneously “jumps” to/near full charge. After the initial post-dusk motion event, charges instantaneously drop to earlier dawn levels and “stays there” throughout the evening despite a few motion events. Through the entire time, the lightning bolt “charging” icon is not present (it appears to have disappeared with the previous app update). So it seems that during the course of a full 24-hour day, my cams are operating somewhere between their lowest recorded battery levels and full charge – I just can’t tell what these levels are in real time due to the instantaneous “toggled” changes. My charge log is attached.

I was just wondering whether others are experiencing the same, and whether this might be a new characteristic in the current app.

I added a couple of solar panels to my current stickup cams and experiencing the exact same as OP. During daylight time, when sunlight falls directly on the panel, charge shoots up to 100% and then during night drops to like 90% wherever it was when i first installed the panel. Makes it very unreliable and doesn’t show that it’s charging through the panel either.

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