Stick Up Cam (3rd gen) not showing live view anymore

Hi all,

Since 2 days our stick up camera suddenly doesn’t show the live view anymore. It’s been working perfectly fine for more than 2 years but whenever we’d like to see the live view now, the cam says it can’t connect and we need to check the wifi connection. The live view is also not visible in the dashboard on

Our download speed is 166.3 Mbps, our upload speed is 221.8 Mbps. RSSI is -39 and the battery is fully charged. The app also says the cam is online. We have a ring doorbell as well, which is working perfectly fine. Thusfar, based on other topics, we’ve tried the following:

  • removed the Ring app, rebooted the mobile phone and reinstalled the app
  • resetted both our router and modem
  • set up a separate wifi connection for the stick up cam and changed the frequency to 5 Ghz
  • a hard reset of the stick up cam, and configured it from scratch (it makes a succesful connection with wifi)
  • installed the latest IOS on iPhone
  • switched off VPN
  • switched off wifi completely and tried to connect with 4G only

When we stand in front of the camera the blue light goes on and it clearly registers there is motion in front of the camera, it just can’t seem to record anything. I’ve read about a Rapid Ring app but that is not available anymore. My guess is that something is wrong either in the app or firmware, either way it is really annoying and frustrating.

Does anyone have any other tips or advice because I feel like we’ve tried about anything to get the camera to work again.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and help!

Hi @PNDNL. Thank you for including all of the troubleshooting steps that you’ve tried. You’ve certainly covered all of your bases here and your Live View should be working. For this concern, you’ll need to reach out to our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Feel free to let us know how your support team call goes.

I had a similar issue with my battery operated stick up camera. I have 2 stickup cam battery cameras. One is powered indoors and keeps the battery charged and the other is outdoors battery only. I swap batteries between the two when the outdoor camera battery gets low. On my outdoor camera battery only, I started getting a very short videos follow by frozen picture and then it progressed to video not recording correctly. Battery was fine. WIFI signal was strong. If I tried to view live video, it would start and immediately freeze and disconnect after about 5 seconds or totally fail to connect. I tried everything including moving it within 12 inches of my WIFI router. Nothing helped. Reset it, changed the battery, totally deleted and reinstalled it, moved it to another WIFI network in my house and nothing helped. Decided to try to hook it to my power cord for my indoor stick up and low and behold, all the problems cleared up and started working normal. I removed the power cord and it immediately started having the same issues. I pulled the battery and used a Q-Tip with alcohol and cleaned the terminals inside the camera where the battery connects as well as the terminals on the battery and it totally fixed the issue.

We recently moved my FIL in with us and installed a Ring camera battery powered to make sure he was safe. We already had a security flood light on our garage and NEVER a had any problems so that is why we purchased the indoor camera.
Since the time the time we installed the camera it has never worked continuously. It freezes, won’t record all the time(which I pay for storage).
I have had Ring support reach out to me and try to help and even sent me another camera but nothing has changed. We called our internet provider and they came out and look at our service and said nothing was showing on their end and once again the security camera outside has never stopped working. No one can give me an answer and I just want to send these indoor cameras back and try something else. I can’t leave the house because I can’t get on the live feed to check on my FIL. Please someone HELP ME!!!

Have you tried plugging it in to see if it makes a difference. Might be worth a try. If it’s a Ring Stick Up Cam Battery, it has an option to plug it in. You can purchase the barrel plug in power adapter on Amazon.

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