Stick Up Cam - 2 issues: Battery died on solar & won't go into setup mode

I had had ring doorbell for about 6 months and loved it so much i bought the new Stick Up Battery Cams (3 of them) to use outside. I also bouth the solar panels for them and wto of the expensive solar Protected by Ring signs. One of the cameras had week WiFi and the battery died within several days (with the solar unit attached in the area with the most light 8+ hours direct light). I recharged the battery to 100% and attempted the reset procedure, which at one point it started into setup mode, then nothing. It will not go into setup mode and expose it’s wifi “Ring Setup e9” SSID. I have followed the setup procedure “hold the orange button for 15 second on one site, and 20 seconds on another” but nothing happens. Quite frustrating since this is a brand new product that i had to wait almost a month for after pre-ordering.

Sorry to hear about this experience @norcalwaverider. If possible, try bringing one of the Cams inside to see if it will setup successfully when closer to the router and your mobile device. With multiple resets being attempted to no avail, if the above suggestion does not resolve, I recommend reaching out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for more indepth troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

It’s not access to the router, the Camera never goes into setup mode correctly. I did bring it inside this morning and tried it before making this post. I will try one more time before call the support alias. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot or even determine if the solar panel is working correctly. It appears the only way to tell is if they battery dies while plugged in to the camera, unless i am missing something in the configuration options.

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Forgot to say thanks Marley. Had to call the tech support and they are shipping a replacement unit.