Stick Up Battery Plug In and get Pre-Roll

If I plug my stickup cam battery (gen2) to permanent power will pre-roll or continuous recording be available?

Hey @Sburnett. The device will still be registered as a battery operated device, even though there is constant power to the device. Therefore, the firmware on the device will still remain the same and have it operate as a battery device. The constant power is a great idea though, that way you can have higher motion sensitivity and frequency of recordings to ensure everything is captured without risking battery life! :slight_smile:

Does the Stick Up Cam Plug In have a pre-roll feature?

@Sburnett The Stick Up Cam Battery or Plug In do not have the pre-roll feature, similar to the Ring Video Doorbell 3 that does offer pre-roll.

no I don’t like this answer. it means I have to return your crappy stick-up cam, and find another venfor/solution – motion activation w/ out pre-roll is useless.

I bought the battery 2nd gen stick up and later purchased the barrel plug plug in. If you go into Device Settings - General Settings and change your cam to “Wired” it will guide you thru a new set up (or you could do a factory reset and set it up as “Wired”). When you do this you will now have the pre-roll feature and also you will be able to select 3 motion zones. Dont select “Motion Verification”. There seems to be a bug in the software that does not let you receive notifications. Hope this helps