Stick Up Battery Camera - Setting a Motion Zone - Screen Cut Off

This is what full screen shows

Hi there, neighbors! Adjusting motion zones or creating multiple zones is a great way to cover the area desired. For those who are noticing a difference in field of view or viewable area for drawing zones, this is by design. As mentioned in our Community post about Customizable Motion Zones, motion zones can not be extended to the full area of your Live View when creating these zones. This is because the area your camera covers is slightly larger than the area your motion sensors cover. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to resolve this, I see it’s marked as SOLVED but its not really.
Me and the OP would need to physically lift the camera to get the approach to our properties back into the ‘motions zone’.
This is pretty rubbish and then you lose visibility close to you home…


Hi, you have the stick up cam battery version. Do you know if this has a siren at all? I am looking to buy one but need to know if it has a siren or not. I would appreciate your help

I’m having the same issue and it started for me about 3 weeks ago on iPhone XS Plus.


I have the same problem with my spotlight cam & on a iPhone 7+. Started a couple weeks ago. I used to be able to see the full camera view to adjust the motion zone out but now it cuts off the top of the camera view once I hit edit motion zone.

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This is 100% not true. My camera was working perfectly up until 2 weeks ago. I could select the entire field of view for my motion area. Now it does not. My friend has two of the exact same cameras and both of them can select the entire field of view for motion detection. AND, why would you build a product that “the area your camera covers is slightly larger than the area your motion sensors cover.”??? That is the worst excuse a company could ever give their customers because it tells us you developed a crappy product.


I understand this is old but I’m here because I’m having the same issues.

If you’d pay attention to what the person’s actually saying the issue is, then you would see that we CANT make ANY motions zones in those areas, whether it’s zone 1 or zones 2 or 3. It is NOT LETTING US USE THAT AREA AT ALL!!! We CANNOT set that area at all because it does not show on the screen to even be able to do so!
It shows on the screen that tells us about setting motion zones. It’ll show the whole area. But then when you click to actually Set the zones, that area isn’t showing!!!

I also need to set a particular area to be captured and cannot!!!

This is surely a NEW issue too. Because I was able to set the whole screen on my other stick up cam when I got it. So I just got another one thinking I’d be able to do the same, but NOPE! It is literally impossible.


The explanations by Ring staff are pretty sorry. I bought two of these battery-powered spot light cams. I installed the first one two weeks ago. Works great and I was able to set my motion zone using the entire field of view. I installed the second camera today, and the motion zone is cut off. Perhaps we can get a legit solution to this? Would a complete reset of the camera work?

Same issues. These Ring staff and developers aren’t even addressing the issue.

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I’m having this exact same issue but with only 1 of my 5 ring cameras that are battery. 4 give me the full view and the 1 that was originally a wired stick up cam but i purchased battery pack for it, this one does not allow me to use the whole view in Motion Zone. Doesn’t make sense, i can see my drive way but not when the mail man, delivery or person walking by my gate.

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New here - I’ve just added my first battery powered stick-up cam to my system, and I’m having this exact same issue.

My indoor mains powered cams work fine without any of the picture being cropped when setting motion detections.

For anyone still following./reading this. I spent 3hours on the phone with Ring CS today and they have agreed to replace the camera FOC.

They troubleshooted every possible scenario and process to try and reset the camera, but to no avail. The insist it’s not software related, and a new camera will solve the problem, but I’m not holding out much hope. I think it’s a software issue.

I will update this when the new camera arrives.

The new camera arrived this lunchtime and, surprise surprise, it has the same issue. :roll_eyes:

Mines exactly the same! Always used to have motion zones for the full view of the camera up until approx a month ago. So now the camera misses most things

Hey neighbors! I wanted to step into here to clear things up and paint the full picture for you in this situation of using the Motion Zone feature and the Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen while wired via the Plug-In Adapter, or by battery via the Quick Release Battery and/or Solar.

If you have the Stick-Up Cam Plug-In (3rd Gen), this means that you are supplying constant power to the device and allowing it to operated on the wired device motion settings. This means that when wired, you will not see a crop when selecting your Motion Zones because the device will use our wired devices motion detection to capture events based off of your more in-depth settings to select from.

In comparison, if you are using the Stick-Up Cam Battery/Solar(3rd Gen), this means that you are having the camera operate off of the battery power that is available to it (and recharged to the battery from the solar panel), thus having it operated on battery device motion settings. These settings differ from wired and have some limitations to help conserve battery life and how the device functions, which is why you will see this crop. You can read more about how battery devices function with Motion Zones in our Community article here.

An important note from that article is that “Motion zones can not be extended to the full area of your Live View when creating these zones. This is because the area your camera covers is slightly larger than the area your motion sensors cover.” If you have your Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen operated via battery or solar, we recommend changing the power mode to Wired.

I ​hope this clears this up for you, neighbors, and if you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know below.

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This problem is far from solved! Is the additional battery drain a result of additional detections with a larger zone or just because of the larger zone itself? I recently invested in 3 battery stickup cams, an extra battery, 3 solar panels and a Ring alarm system all of which I find are not up to the job of creating security. Tech support says I can’t get replacements or return any of these devices because they were a warehouse purchase. I bought all the camera stuff at Amazon who owns Ring! What a terrible decision this turned out to be :weary:

Chelsea_Ring Up until this past Sunday (8/15/21) ALL my Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen cameras running on Battery with Solar charging Allowed me to configure the motion zones to the full area of the live view. It is OBVIOUS that ring rolled out an update to our cameras that TOOK AWAY this ability for the battery powered 3rd gen cameras. Ring needs to put this ability back. If you must, put a warning in the app it may impact battery life like some of the other features do.

Identical problem. I set up two Ring Stick Up Cam Battery cameras several weeks ago and was able to configure the motion zones without issue.

After recharging the batteries this week (first time) and double checking the view and zone placement, I now get the same cropped image that prevents the motion zone being set properly. Mains-powered Ring Indoor cameras are so far unaffected.

I’m not sure if this can be blamed on a firmware update as the problem only started for me a few weeks ago and I was (as far as I know) up-to-date with firmware before then – the earliest post here is from Dec 2020. I’m in the UK, btw.

I installed multiple Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen cameras running on Battery with Solar charging about 6 weeks ago. ALL were configured with motion zones covering the entire viewable area. Then on Sunday 8/15/21 when I went to change one of the motions zones on one camera I noticed RING had REMOVED THIS ABILITY that I had been using FOR 6 WEEKS on ALL the cameras I had configured. If the only way to get this feature back is to convert these cameras to wired with full time electric power then RING can send me FREE OF CHARGE =5= of their $40 power supplies. I’ll be damned if I am going to give Ring $200 to get this feature back after spending a LOT of $$$$ on all the Ring hardware I purchased.