Stick Up battery Cam

Hello. I purchased 2 stick up battery cams. I got them setup fine and tested all the features and got it how I wanted with the motion settings etc. While I was at home I snoozed them but when I went out today I unsnoozed them. When I came back home I expected the camera on the front of the house to pick up the motion but it didn’t. This also happened to the camera at the back. Didn’t pick me up at all. No notifications on my phone nor anything in my history.

Hi @Blade200. Have you tried testing the motion detection on your Ring Cameras by triggering a test event? You can do this by walking in front of the Cameras after ensuring the motion detection is toggled on under the Modes settings. You may also want to check the Motion Frequency settings and swap it to Frequent if you find that some motion is not being picked up.

Hello. Thanks for the response. When I was setting the cameras up I did several tests to get it how I liked. I must add I havent got a chance to get the cameras installed outside yet. There are currently sitting on window sill looking out the window. Could this have an impact on its ability to pick up motion? Also on motion frequency it says the cameras take a break after motion is detected. How long is this… 30min… 1hr?


@Blade200 Thanks for that additional information. Yes, if you have the Camera looking through a window, this will impact the motion detection. It would be best to test the device without a window in its view, as this reflects heat and light off of the surface which can negatively affect the Camera’s ability to detect motion. As for the Motion Frequency setting, I don’t have an exact time frame to provide but if it will be set on Standard by default so I’d recommend swapping it to Frequent to see if that works better for your home. :slight_smile: