Stick up battery cam range

Evening, it seems I may need a little guidance with regards to camera setup or somethings not right haha I have a ring stick up cam battery (1 month old) and I seem to be having issues with its range for picking things up, it looks over a sloped bit of tarmac and is about 8 or 9 foot high yet when I have it on max sensitivity and all zones active it picks up hardly anything bar my cat and when a car moves withing 3m. As the suggested range can be up to 10m that’s not ideal for me as I need at least 5 or 6m. I see a few posts mention that if the camera points down this may screw up the detection which kind of defeats the idea of being able to tilt it but hey, if I put it more level I miss the start of the bit I’d like to see so thats not ideal either. I see on previous version of the app they allowed you to set the range of how far you wanted to go, this app only gives the sensitivity, is this the same thing?

Also with regards to chime Pro and extending the WiFi range for maybe another camera, does this extend the WiFi for all devices that use my WiFi or is it a ring internal mesh that is only used by your devices?

Any help would be great.


Hey @jimbobcook. Happy to help here! You’re correct in your assumption that that motion sensitivity slider is the same thing of how “far” it can see out. Generally, on max settings and with optimal placement, you should be able to have the device see about 30 feet out, or 9 meters, but should still pick up things in the 5-6m range. Could you show me a picture of what your Live View looks like, and how the camera itself is mounted? I would love to see it to get a better visual reference so we can work out what would be best for you!

In regards to the Chime Pro, that is like extending the wifi for Ring devices only and creating a “Ring mesh system” like you described, which is great because you don’t have to worry about other devices such as phones and computers taking up the wifi the Chime Pro is broadcasting. :smiley_cat:

Thank for your reply, I’ve added a picture of the setup all it dark… The camera is central to my drive and is about 8ft up, I tilt it to the right to avoid some of next door and down to get more of the drive.

It seems I only get stuff come through now when its before the first cars wing mirrors.

Thanks for the info regarding the WiFi mesh I may get one.

@jimbobcook Thank you for that picture! You said when you tilted the camera more “up” that it didn’t help with the motion detection, correct? I recommend tilting it slightly more “up” and even looking a little bit more to the left, so it can capture more of the driveway, as this may help. Also, do you have People Only Mode on? I recommend turning it off, as reflective surfaces like windows can affect People Only Mode.


My camera doesn’t have a people mode it has motion verification mode which is currently on, shall I turn that off? It picks up our cat absolutely fine but nothing bigger unless it’s a car.

I’ve not tilted it up as it misses near the camera, seems a little silly to allow the camera to tilt but you’re not supposed to use it like that lol also to the left the other 2 cars are not on my drive hence why it’s more right. I can move it left and take a zone out I guess.

This pic attached shows how close they have to be to get seen…

@jimbobcook Thanks for getting back to me! People Only Mode is still slowly being rolled out, so thank you for confirming for me if you had it or not! I would definitely turn Motion Verification off either way for now, just to see if this helps you out. In addition, change your Motion Frequency to Frequent, and this should help you get more motion overall, even if it’s still capturing your cat and cars.

I had no idea you shared the driveway, so how you have the setup makes sense! Just to ensure you get more out of the device so it’s not tilted to hard down and to the right, you can definitely move it up a little bit and to the left, and ensure you turn off the left zone so you can leave your neighbor’s part of the drive out of it. Let me know if doing that seems to help! :slight_smile: