stick up battery and internet drops

So i am new and i have the latest stick up camera (battery) version.

The camera works perfect and i have no complains exept of one. The cameras dont come back online after a power cut/internet drop. i have to physically get in the battery compartment and remove it, place it back again and tada, it works. Although thats a great fix for when and if i am at home its just stupid. If the internet drops the cameras wont record and i wont be getting any notifications. Also if i am away while this happen i cant find a way to remotely reset them. i really need some help. I thought to buy a repeater and connect the cameras to that which means that if the interet is down, the cameras will stay conected in the repeater and that will come back online bringing the camera online also. This fixes the internet drops but not the power cuts. Then i thought to get a battery powered wifi repeater, but thats too much trouble for something that ring should have thought of. Is there a setting to get the camera to search for internet conection lets say every 5 minutes or something like that?

Good question @georgios! Our devices should definitely automatically reconnect after a power cycle or if the network is down briefly. In the event that your wifi signal is lost for any reason, and the device does not reconnect when your network is up and running again, please try a reboot on your router to see if that makes a difference in auto reconnection. Keep in mind your Ring device reconnecting will depend on signal strength (RSSI), distance, and interference. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I was just thing about no remote reset of the cam talked about . I got a wifii extender and need to chang the wifii network but it just prompts me to reset the camera manually and set it up again. Im I missing simthing. this is ok on easy to acess mounts but not going up ladders

Hi, after a quick research i found nothing about the subject. Noone is reporting it and it feels like it slip though the cracks in the development team. I did much testing and it seems that the stick up battery cameras DO NOT RECONNECT to the wifi if they loose the connection with the hub, maybe if that disconnection is for couple of seconds it will be ok but if your router switch of (restart) for some reason or your power cuts off and the router starts again the only solution is to remove the battery and put it back again. The camera remains dead. I trial that and the camera remained dead for 24h before i did that and started to operate normal. When i mean dead i mean completely. It doesn’t react to movement triggers or doesn’t record anything. Your signal or connection doesn’t play a role as the camera in question was by the router ( virgin 300mb/s connection). I confirmed that with Ring UK via phone and they said in the event of a power cut, only the wired version comes back online by itself (probably due to the restart action induced by the power cut). I have already thought the idea of an intermediate repeater but the only way that bypass the power cut issue is the battery operated ones. That definitely was not in the box or reviews when I bought it. If anyone has any other workaround please advice.