Stick cam not recording

My stick up cam I recently put up for coverage over my driveway. It has no problem picking up me walking in my driveway and cars driving. However it does not pick up any vehicles that pull into my driveway or people that get out of them. I turned frequency to the most active it can be, turn off the people only feature and made it as sensitive as possible. Still nothing. Is this just a problem with this particular camera? There is no point in even having it up for security if it can’t capture who’s coming onto my driveway by vehicle as most burglars use cars. Or even package thief’s. Might be able to get them on my door bell but not any description of their vehicle etc. very disappointed so far

Hi @user74155. Typically most motion detection concerns can be resolved by adjusting the settings, but it’s also important to consider the positioning of the camera. How high is your Stick Up Cam installed? Is it angled downwards at a harsh angle?

@Caitlyn_Ring It is about 9 ft up and a slight degree tilt. Not harsh at all, maybe 10 degree of tilt. I have been adjusting setting constantly. So far the closest it gets to picking up people that come into the driveway after driving in the driveway is at night. Night is the only time it detects a vehicle pulling in even with the people only setting off. The past several days it sometimes does not even detect people after walking into the driveway.

@user74155 Thanks for that information. You’re welcome to share a screenshot of what the Live View and Motion Zones look like from your Stick Up Cam so I can check if there are any adjustments I’d recommend. The main troubleshooting that can be done with motion detection is to change settings and test things out.