Steam exiting from boiler outlet pipe setting off sensor and rear lights.


Just installed cameras with lights and sensors combined back and front of the house. The only issue is the rear camera is set off 50 times a night when the boiler activates and steam blows out the flu into the garden from the house. Its cold at the moment so the hot air turns to steam. The camera is over 9 feet up and at least 4 meters away for the pipe and about 1.3 meters higher than the outlet flu. I have turned the sensor setting to people only and that didnt stop the false activations. I turned the motion sensitivity down to its lowest and still the same problem. The only way to stop it is to turn the boiler off and that means the house gets cold or change the sensor zones so as not to include the area where the steam occurs. Problem is that area is right next to the back door and thats what I want protecting. I have to cut out 2/3 of all the whole zoned area (the back garden) to stop the sensor picking up the steam. Its not a massive amount of steam but you can clearly see it in light clouds on the playback videos.

Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do. If the RING team read this then give me some help if you can.



No matter what you do, if it points in the direction of the heat source it will trigger. I had a similar issue. I had to place my camera in another spot so it covered my door but did not pickup any heat source. The only other thing is to extend the exhaust upward and away from the camera’s view.

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