Static noises from my doorbe 2


I’m getting static noises from my Ring doorbell v2. I thought at first it was a product failure so I had it returned to the shop from which I bought it from and in return we got a brand new ring doorbell v2 and still the static noises are there. The noises can be heard from the ring doorbell itself when you view live view and also in the recordings the doorbell makes.

I tried to reset - didnt work

I tried to add Ring Chime Pro to be sure the connection is good - didn’t work

I updated the firmware - didn’t work

Nothing works… and this problem didn’t occur before but started like 3-4 weeks ago on our old ring doorbell v2 before we got a brand new one with the same problem. Please help us solve this, there has to be some kind of problem with its software.

I am getting the same thing. Static from my doorbell when I try to live view or when I look at past events. Also something that is very recently occuring. Have you gotten any help on this?

Same here, brand new.

have they always been like this, sounds like the devil breathing on ours.