Static Noise coming from one of my Ring Floods

Today I installed 2 ring floods I got for Christmas and I thought I had a succesful installed. Tonight I hard a static sound and when I sent outside it was coming from one of the Ring Floods I installed. Strange thing was that when I went to set it up the voice had a static sound to it unlike the first one I installed. I thought nothing off it as I don’t plan on using the sound feature.

Well, after tonight and the static sound eminating from the ring I ended up turning it off. I looked for a way to turn off the speaker and did not find an option and maybe even if I did the static sound might occur. The static is not as a result of trying the sirin or speaking through it… Just seems to be doing it on its own.

IS there anything I can do. Thought about opening taking the unit down and reconnecting the wires and checking to see if possible I have a loose wire somewhere? Could it be a bad Ground wire perhaps? I see other reports of similar problems but they seem to be more related speaking into it.

Hey @WeeJavaDude. It is definitely possible it could be a wiring concern! I recommend disconnecting all wiring, and reconnecting it to see if this helps. Also, when the power is back to the device, if it still seems to be making this sound in idle with nothing happening, try pressing and holding the reset button on the top down for 30 seconds to see if this resolves it! If it’s still no fix for it, could you attach a video of what this sound is? I would love to hear what you are hearing to see what else it may be! When attaching the video, you may need to compress the video into a zip file in order for it to be attached to your reply. :slight_smile:

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Well I did rewire and when turned on it seemed fine but after a few hours the static returned. I capture the video and if you listen (SOrry about the wind) you should be able to hear the crackling of the static. I bought these before Christmas and installed them last weekend due to pandemic getting in the way and changing my priorities.

Any advice would be helpful as these these are right next to our couch in the familar room and can be annoying. The other one I installed seems 100% Fine. :smiley: Should I can’t Ring for a resplacement?

@WeeJavaDude Awesome, thank you so much for this video! I wanted to take a peak myself just to see what it was, but you’re absolutely right. Please get in contact with our team via phone here, and feel free to hand over this video to them as well!