Star does not work on our I phone 6 and I phone 4S , for our ring video doorbell.

works on our laptop but not on our I phones, just started happening about 3 days ago.

Having same issues on iPhone 6s and iPad Pro.

Does not work correctly on my iPhone 8. Two different ways:
1)In the history list I can star a video but when I star a subsequent video the first starred video becomes in-starred. (APPEARS TO HAVE LITERALLY BEEN FIXED JUST NOW)
2) In the timeline clicking the star icon flashes the pill yellow for a fraction of a second but does not star the video. Checking the history list confirms this as well.

Mine is still not working. Notice that when you “Star” it, go back into the Recent Activity. When I do that the stars are gone. Events I have starred 2/12/20 and earlier are still starred, but none since then. I have an iPhone SE

Hi Ring and All

Has anyone tried to favourite or mark a video clip in the iOS App 5.22.5

I am using the more actions option

Then select “favourite” to mark the video clip

the clip bar flashs yellow but doesnt actually mark the video clip to review

On the favorites filter the video clip is not marked

Has anyone else got this problem / ring are you able to advise?

attached screen dump


I just experienced this on all my devices - iPhone 11 and MacBook Pro. Figured out that deleting some history recordings would allow it to work again. Acts like the server is using functionality when your account storage allocation is reaching capacity. Deleted all my live view history and was again able to star activity.

It stopped working on my iPhone 8 a week or so ago. I talked to customer support but they don’t seem to understand what I’m trying to tell them, no matter how many ways I rephrase the question. They are supposed to respond to me within 24-48 hours so I’ll repost if they have a solution.

Started working later the day I called it in.

Noticed last night, that the Star is now working on both of our I Phones. They found a fix .

Have a great day all

Hey neighbors! We have resolved this matter with a fix on our end. There is no action required on your part, but if you find you are still unable to star events, please remove your Ring app, reboot your phone and reinstall the app. Thank you for your patience! :smiley_cat:


Star started working in the evening after I called Ring. Thanks, Ring!