Spotligth Cam Plus, Battery | Wont charge with normal usb type c cable & powercube

I recently purchased several Spotlight Cam Plus (Battery Version) with solar panels , when I tried install one Cam with a normal usb type c and a normal Power Cube (1A, 1.2 A, 2.4 A, all 5 V) none of them makes my battery charge nor allows me to Wired setting on my app, I thought that would at lest keep cam running and not use battery but it always uses battery work, I don’t see an “official Ring Spotlight CamPlus Type C power adaptor on amazon, should I buy the one that shows on amazon , or it wont work with type c cable with a normal powercube?

Any info? Cant seem to find info anywhere.

Hi @mgriffin74. You can find official Ring adapters here. I hope this helps!