Hi all,
When I first got my wired spotlight cam it worked fine.
The problem I now have is this.
When it is dark any motion will trigger the lights to come on, great.
However, if I am watching a live stream either on my mobile or my iPad, any motion dose not trigger the lights to come on.
I used to be able to watch live feed and at anytime motion was detected the lights would come on. So what is going on??
Any help would be great.
Also, if I manually turn on the lights it states “lights will turn on for 30 seconds “,
However they don’t turn off unless I manually turn them off.
Please help.

Hi @user59680. Would you mind sharing an example of what you see when you activate the Live View at night? The light should already be on when it’s dark and you activate the Live View. Regarding the lights, those should turn off after the auto shut-off timer ends. Try rebooting the Spotlight Cam and ensuring you have the correct auto shut-off timer option selected.