Spotlight Wired refuses to connect to WiFi during setup

I have gone through the trouble shooting to set it into setup mode more times I care to count. Even reset it a couple times for the heck of it. Used 4 different phones - three Iphones and one android. Some with the latest OS updates, some older.

My phone keeps telling me to connect to “Ring Setup 67” but fails and fails and fails. Been trying off and on for a month and it just fails.

Also got to login and reset my password to post here because it’s impossible to contact support without posting to a community forum. And I have had to burn through a half dozen times to login.

Insult to injury I still pay monthly on this camera.

Hi @bDallas, so you’re able to contact support by calling. You can see more information, here.

In regards to your device, can you please try to disable the Smart Network Switch for Android or the WiFi Assist on iPhone?