Spotlight Security cam light scheduling

When I schedule a start/stop time for my spotlight cam to come on and off the on time works but the off time doesn’t. Solution?

Hey @Winosplace. Which version of the Spotlight Cam do you have? If you have the wired or the mount version, you can set the lights to only come on via a schedule, but the lights will still turn on when motion is detected in order to light up the area that it detected motion at. You may need to adjust your motion sensitivity to be lower so that the lights do not come on as much during the scheduled time.

I have the Spotlight Cam Mount, and I do not have any options to set a light schedule. I only see Light Schedule with my Floodlight Cam. Any ideas?

Hi neighbors! I’d like to provide some clarification on the available features by device model in regards to the scheduling options.

  • Floodlight Cams have both the option to schedule motion alerts and when lights should trigger.

  • Spotlight Cams currently only have the option to schedule motion alerts. This is for each Spotlight Cam model.

That being said, both the Floodlight and Spotlight Cams have light settings available to control zones, duration, and brightness. Check out our help center article which explains this further for the Floodlight Cam.

Feel free to also use our Feature Request Board to request the light scheduling feature for the Spotlight Cams, as we continuously share this feedback with our teams! :slight_smile: