Spotlight Ring Cam - Battery Level Description

Can I ask what “bright” spark decided to change the description in settings for the battery status to “battery 1” and “battery 2”?

Before it was “Left battery” and right “Right battery” which actually helped identify which was which when it needed changing. Sometimes I actually despair that so-called clever developers make stupid decisions without actually thinking it through and thinking about the customer.

Agreed, it definitely made it more confusing. The good news is the battery icons on the main device screen still correspond to the correct batteries. If it helps, battery 1 = right battery and battery 2 = left battery.

And to make things more confusing, in the device status on the website dashboard the left and right battery status are flipped around.

I believe the development team has been notified of the issue and hopefully will have it corrected soon.

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It’s about time this got fixed!
This morning, in the android ring app, the battery graphic for my above-garage cam indicated that the LEFT-HAND battery was at 6%. So, I dutifully got out my ladder, removed the LEFT-HAND battery, took down the ladder and went back inside to charge the battery. Then, on checking the app, I see that the graphic is still showing the LEFT-HAND battery to be at 6%.
My first thought was that I was getting senile and had pulled the wrong battery.
But no, the graphic in the app does not match the position in the camera. So, back out with the ladder… And, of course, the new “Battery 1” / Battery 2" description in Device Health is worst than useless.

What sort of stupid software purposely misleads in presenting a positional graphic and even worse changes it from its earlier correct orientation in previous versions of the app. smh…