Spotlight Pro not charging with solar

I have a spotlight pro connected to a 4 watt solar panel, but I can’t get it to reliably charge the battery.

From the Ring app, under device health, it shows that solar is detected. Because it’s USB-C I’ve tried connecting a USB power meter, and it will show it’s charging at around 3W or so, but in less than 30 seconds it drops down to 0W.

In order to get it to charge, I have to take the battery out, and put it back in and then it will charge for the rest of the day. The next day though, it will go back to the same behavior of not charging until I pull the battery out and re-seat it. I’ve tried different batteries, and switching from position 1 or position 2, but it doesn’t make a difference.

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Having the exact same issue here so I won’t post again an follow this one.

Additionally : ring support is not helping at all.

1st call : “sir the solar panel is not charging the battery but powering it so it doesn’t use the battery” => which is either a lie a incomprehension of the products you give support for.

2nd call : they don’t see my battery in their tool “sir it’s 0% since 18 July”. Well I have been able to watch live video of my garden for 1 month with a 0% battery which would be awesome if that was not, again, a lie or poor support.

They want me to switch the battery to the other slot so they can see it. It won’t change anything but I’ll do it.

When it doesn’t change anything I hope to read a solution here, otherwise does someone know where to file a warranty complaint to have the camera replaced or refund ?

I don’t need a solar camera fixed at 3 meter high actually not charging with the sun and making me open it every 1-2 months. That was not the idea at all.

Any solutions yet I’m having the same problem!

Hi neighbors. The Ring Solar Panel works by providing a trickle charge to the battery in your Spotlight Cam. This will not be as quick as manually charging the battery, and the Solar Panel needs at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day to sufficiently charge the battery. Keep in mind that different variables will affect how efficiently the Solar Panel can trickle charge the Camera’s battery, such as how much activity the Camera records.

We have some troubleshooting steps for the Ring Solar Panel here, which I’d recommend trying if you’re experiencing issues. Please also note that if you’re using a third-party Solar Panel, we can’t guarantee how effective it will be, or if it will work properly. If you need further assistance with your Solar Panel or Spotlight Cam, please follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m going to do some more testing, but in the troubleshooting link the first question stands out to me:

Will a Ring solar panel keep my device fully charged at 100% battery level?

The battery level of the device will vary based on the amount of direct sunlight the solar panel receives. Even with exposure to maximum sunlight, the battery level will not exceed a threshold of around 80%—this is to extend the lifetime of the battery.

When I started testing, I think that battery has always been above 80%, this might explain why it’s not charging. I’m sitting at 83% currently, so I’ll have to wait and see if it seems to maintain that level or not.

I’ve let the battery run down to 24% for the last week, and it hasn’t charged at all. I know I’m getting enough sun, I’m confident it’s in the temperature window to charge the battery, and the fact that I can see the USB cable sitting at 5V but 0.00A of current, tells me the solar panel is working fine, but it’s the camera that’s not accepting the charge.

Hopefully this can be fixed with a firmware update on the camera, but I don’t know how this ever passed QA testing.

Hi @user54077. If you have tried the steps mentioned in the solution and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call for further assistance.

What is the protocol for using the Barrel to USB C adapters for 1st Gen Solar Panels with the new Floodlight Pro (2023 release)? I have two batteries installed, Ring Solar Panel and Ring USB Adapter… The App says I am connected to the solar panel, but the main screen says the unit has “Stopped Receiving Power”.

Should I not have set this up to be a wired connection in the app when prompted (after connecting the Solar Panel)?

Hi @user55851. That is correct; you should not have set your Camera in Wired Mode if it is going to have a Solar Panel attached to it. If it is going to use a Solar Panel, it must be set to Battery Mode. Go to your Camera’s General settings, select Power Mode, and change it to Battery Mode. I hope this helps.

So the support gave me another battery.

I put it in.

Day 1 : B1 100% - B2 1% (didn’t charge the old one, I have a solar panel for that)
Day 2 : B#1 10% - B2 23% ; Super , B2 is charging but B1 took 90% in the face in 1 day
Day 3 (morning) : The app says my camera is plugged in and asks me to choose the plugged mode… First time I see this. I don’t change and stick to the battery mode.
Day 3 : (morning) : B1 39% - Batterie#2 17% ; Doesn’t make any sense. Charging and draining at the same time

Day 3 (evening) : B1 8% - B2 5% ; (we had sun all day, 6h of exposed panel)
Day 4 : B1 0% - B2 1% ; Check-mate, it’s dead. After 4 days.

I’m continuing with the support but if someone has an other idea, that would be great.

Hi @vvbe. If you continue to have this concern, I suggest reaching our to our team on Facebook @Ring. You can send them a private message for assistance.

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