Spotlight Pro Cam - Using 12v Supply

Hi all, I want to install a hardwired spotlight camera pro but want to use the 12v supply that is already run to the camera location.

I’ve seen some automotive products that are basically USB C sockets powered by 12v so can I use one of these and plug the Ring Camera in via USB?

Hi @user64484. To power the Spotlight Cam Pro, you’ll need this power adapter here. This is an all-in-one mount that can be hardwired to your existing power supply. We cannot provide any guidance or advice on using third-party accessories with Ring devices. Dismantling your device in any way, or using third-party power accessories, may void the warranty as well.

Tom gave you inaccurate device. You need DC 12V/24V to 5V USB C Buck…

Hi @Jmharrold. The product in the link you shared is not designed for a Ring device. The accessory I shared was designed specifically for the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro and will do exactly what the OP is asking. Thank you for chiming in though!