Spotlight Plus Battery Camera dashboard view

I have five outdoor Ring battery cameras all connected to solar panels. These cameras consist of three Stickup cams, one Spotlight cam and very recently added Spotlight Plus battery Cam.
When viewing dashboard on Ring app when dark outside I can see all cameras except the newest Spotlight Plus which is very dark, almost black on the dashboard. Looks fine during daylight and when I activate live view or motion activates this camera it looks and works fine, day or night.
Is this normal? My thought is perhaps this is due to something different within the Spotlight Plus night vision as opposed to older cameras. Not a huge deal as it does appear as expected except when looking on app dashboard.
Any input is appreciated!

Hi @c7cdf3666c82f23abe60. Are you talking about the Camera Preview Tiles? This may be done to reduce the battery drain on the device. If you tap on the tile, then go back to the dashboard, does the image update? Try uploading a screenshot of what you are seeing so we can better assist.

when I tap on the tile and go to live view or is activated by motion it works as it should. When I go back to dashboard this is how it appears. Looks fine during daylight on dashboard.

Hi @c7cdf3666c82f23abe60. Thanks for sharing this image! The only thing I can notice is that the lights in the picture are just passing the threshold for ambient light, causing the infrared lights to not activate. If possible, try moving the Spotlight Cam to an area of complete darkness to see if the Preview Tile appears like your other cams. This test will let you know if the other lights are causing this issue. Let me know how this goes.

Will try. Thank you!

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