Spotlight Plus - about the Siren and a missing notification option

Hi guys!

I am so happy that I found this community. I am from germany and sadly the german support is … well let’s say they are not pretty good at helping.

First question is about the siren / alarm.
So we have the ring system with the base station and some sensors for windows and doors.
I wonder how the siren works.
I don’t want it to make a sound.
So even if the base station would make an alarm, does that mean the siren at the outdoor cam make an alarm sound too? Really don’t want to wake up my 10 nearest neighbors if there is a (false) alarm. The base station is already sooo loud, i don’t want the siren make alarm outside.
Or is this siren only for manuelle using? Like using the app and press the siren button.

Next question: we use the cam via plug in (means without battery). We tested if we would get any notification if someone or somehow plug out the power cable. Nope. Nothing happened, the camera die but no notification about that. Isn’t there a option to get a notification? Like if someone try to break into your house, he just could plug out the cam and we wouldn’t even notice it. I think this is a missing option.
We checked the app and the app even said the camera would be still online, it clearly wasn’t.

Thank you!

Hi @SabrinaGER. We’re glad to have you on the Ring Community! For your first question, the siren on the Camera is independent from the Ring Alarm siren. You have the option to link your Ring Security Cameras with the Base Station so the siren on the Camera will go off when the Ring Alarm is triggered. This is called the Linked Devices feature, and is optional. If you do not link the Camera with the Ring Alarm, the Camera siren will not go off when your Ring Alarm goes off and you would have to manually activate it with the button in the Ring app.

As for your second question, the Ring app does not provide a notification if a device goes offline. We have received this request from neighbors on the Community before, and have shared the feedback with our teams. If you have any other questions about your devices, feel free to let me know!

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