Spotlight lights come on without motion. Long time problem

I’ve seen threads with no useful solutions to this issue. I have motion detection on and see the event history of few motion alerts and yet the spotlights come on and off all night long. I am “up to date” on FW. Disabling the lights or putting them on a schedule where they don’t work when it’s dark is no solution. This is not a large engineering hurdle to handle in the firmware so has there been a fix issued over the last 2 years or are we hoping the gen 1 spotlight cams just go away.

Hi @CPD68. Are there any ambient light sources in the area? Or are there any reflective surfaces or anything in the area that produces heat? The Lights on the Spotlight Cam utilize PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Detection to control the lights. If one of the things mentioned above is in range of the PIR sensor, it could be causing your lights to go off without motion. If possible, share a screenshot of your Spotlight Cam and I’ll see if I can help identify anything.